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Accredited by the British Council
Accredited by the British Council

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Katie Burbage
International Administrator
Wilberforce Drive,
Hull HU1 3DG,
United Kingdom
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Our English classes are open to all students who are coming to study specifically at the college, or those who are already living in the UK and want to improve their English language ability.

They are for people looking to develop their English Language skills for a future course of study, for professional development or just personal interest. We have full and part-time classes that cater for all levels - from Elementary to Advanced.

Our full-time intensive courses can be taken from 4 weeks up to a full academic year or there are part-time, evening courses which run in ten week blocks. The intensive courses combine General English and IELTS preparation but the part-time courses can focus on either one.

For those students at CEF A2 (Pre-Intermediate) and below, the morning class will be based around improving their grammatical & lexical range, along with practice of the four skills in English - reading, writing, listening & speaking. The afternoon classes will focus more on the functional aspects of the language, to help them deal with everyday situations.

With those students who are at CEF B1 (Intermediate) and above, their morning lessons would follow a similar pattern, but the afternoon lessons would focus on preparing them for the IELTS examination.

All students who enrol on a full-time course also have an additional two hours tutorial time with the EFL Curriculum Leader. This is optional, and allows full-time students to discuss, clarify or practise any language items they have encountered in class.

Intensive students can start on any Monday during the academic year but part-time students need to contact us to enquire when the next course will start.

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