Session and exhibitors at agent workshop

Agent and Course Provider negotiate

Agent and Course Provider in relaxed discussion

Spanish agent at ELC Bristol

School owner and agent confer at ICEF Workshop Berlin

Agents and exhibitors at agent workshop

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English in Britain is agent friendly and supports agent and school cooperation in student recruitment and provides a medium which respects the integrity of their commercial arrangements.

How does that work?

  • Any course provider on English in Britain can offer unlimited links to their agents from their records on English in Britain and it costs them nothing.
  • Students who are interested in a particular school can, from English in Britain, send an email directly to that school's local agent in their country.
  • When a student emails an agent through English in Britain, a copy is automatically sent to the school sponsoring that agent on the site.
  • Students who have not yet chosen a school can search to find out which schools have agents in their country and so find a local agent to advise them.
  • Any agent can ask any school to sponsor them and include a link to them from English in Britain; the links are made at the sole discretion of the course providers.

Use "My English in Britain"

Register! You can keep your list of "favorites" - selected course providers and courses (as many as you wish) - and so have your own customized English in Britain. And your enquiry forms complete automatically once you are logged in. Your details are not used and remain entirely confidential - see our privacy policy.

If you need help?

And there's more. At English in Britain we are often asked to help agents find course providers who can manage a particular service – typically this would involve off-season groups, or multiple age-groups, or groups in batches or different locations, or help with a student with particular needs. Agents are welcome to complete the General Enquiry form and we will do our best to help. We are not agents ourselves, we charge no commission or fee for student introductions. We simply want everybody associated with English in Britain to get the best service.