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Accredited by the British Council
Accredited by the British Council

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Mark Lane
Academic Director
19-21 Ridgmount Street,
London WC1E 7AH,
United Kingdom
+44 (0)207 467 6500
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Language Studies International - LSI London Central

The Location
London is a world-class city of great diversity, offering unrivalled attractions. From culture, history and pageantry to some of the best nightlife to be found anywhere on earth, London has something for everybody. London is truly one of the great destination cities of the world – and the ideal place to learn English in England.

The School
LSI London Central is located in the heart of the city, close to universities and the fashionable entertainment district of Soho, in an area full of cafes, bars and pubs catering to the lively student population. The school is comfortable and modern, with free internet access and a range of self-study materials available.

Why LSI?

  • Language training experts since 1965
  • Language schools all over the world and UK
  • UK centres: Brighton, Cambridge, London Central, London Hampstead
  • City centre locations
  • The latest technology in language learning
  • 123 different student nationalities
  • Courses for groups and individuals

LSI London Central offers general English classses, exam preparation classes for TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS and the Cambridge ESOL exams, one-to-one classes, Mini group courses and Business English courses.

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Our Courses

Our Courses (13)

Course Name Course Type
9 Day Compact Courses Tailor Made
Academic English University Prep
Afternoon 10 General
Cambridge CAE exam preparation Examinations
Cambridge FCE exam preparation Examinations
English for Business Business
General 20 General
Intensive 24 Academic Purposes
Intensive 30 Academic Purposes
Intensive 30 with IELTS preparation Examinations
Intensive 30 with TOEFL/TOEIC preparation Examinations
Mini Group Courses Executive
One-to-One Courses Tailor Made